Joy of Giving Week

Joy Of Giving Week
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Innocent Heroes Foundation

Innocent Heroes Foundation(IHF) is celebrating Joy of Giving week (7th to 11th Oct) with Standard Chartered Bank employees pan India (Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore) by setting up Wish Trees with wish cards to promote the concept of giving and fulfilling wishes of those most needy.

Wish Tree is literally a Wish ‐ Fulfilling tree, that will give the employee/ donors the opportunity to fulfill the wishes/ needs of a Child/an NGO/ Institutions. Wishes could be expressed in money terms, or they could be fulfilled in volunteering hours or even through donations in kind/skills or resources. IHF will be collecting and delivering the wishes from and to, to the respective children and NGO's and the acknowledgement of the same will be delivered back/ given to the donors.

SCB will promote the campaign through various intra media available and encourage employees to pick one card and participate in the 'Festival of Giving'. The branches of the wish tree will have wish cards or pledges pasted on them. Employees/ customer may pluck a wish card they would like to fulfill and provide their details i.e. name /emp. no. /contact no. on the reverse of the card. The Wish Cards are placed with JGW smiley cards. The more cards get picked up, the more they get replaced by JGW Smiles, also referred to as Wish Fruit ('WF') and the fruitier the tree looks it shows how many employees are committing to the cause. Wish can be fulfilled via all options: Cash/ Kind or Gifts /Cheque. No old/worn out clothes/ shoes/books will be accepted.

Joy Of Giving Week

The Wish Tree will look like this, with a banner next to it giving details of what the Joy of Giving Week and Wish tree is all about. Innocent Heroes (Volunteer or staff) will encourage the employees to join the celebration and answer any of his/her query.

Each tree will have about 100 wishes hanging.

Some of the sample wishes we have received are as under:

"I want a set of Badminton Rackets for myself, so that I can play with my friends using my own rackets, and not having to borrow them from any of my friends"- Delhi based NGO

"I wish to have a bicycle which I can ride outside my house"- Delhi based NGO

"I want a football to play in the playground"- Delhi based NGO

"Volunteers who can donate 2 to 3 hours a week at our learning centers or at the schools to teach English and Math to primary school students around Bandra, Khar, Santacruz". – Mumbai based NGO

"Donors willing to sponsor/distribute snacks for a day, a week or a day a month at our centers" – Mumbai based NGO

Micro Finance for Small Entrepreneurs – Baroda based NGO

Sanitary pads for 40 girls every month – Shirur based Girls Observation Home

New clothes and crackers for Diwali for 300 children – Boys Observation Homes

Vocational Training fees for drop-outs – Innocent Heroes Foundation

Cricket equipments for boys and Girls cricket team – Innocent Heroes Foundation

Solar based lantern – Baramati Based NGO

50 hearing aids – Pune based Deaf and Dumb NGO

"Sponsor our Zero Corruption day campaign for a day or a week or a month" – Hyderabad based NGO

Sponsor our online help for senior citizen – Bangalore Based NGO

"Color TV" – Pune based Observation Home

A 4 size full-scale note books (25 dozen) – Maharashtra based Observation Homes

Solar lights – Mentally retarded home for girls, Maharashtra

Support our rehabilitation projects in Uttrakhand – Bangalore & Pune based NGO

"Volunteer/ sponsor in our night care center for commercial sex workers infants"- Pune based NGO

"Please take us for a holiday to Goa" and so on and so forth…….

We have received hundreds of such wishes and much more from various NGO's, Government Homes, Shelter Homes etc………….!!

Every Wish Tree will have at least 100 wishes to choose from…!!